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Please note w e are limited in the support we are able to directly provide for this app.

Vislt Visualisation | Administration and support services | Imperial College London

Home Administration and support services Information and Communication Technologies Self service Connect and communicate Accessing services when off campus Ways to get remote access Remotely connect to your College computer Mac. Enter a name for the remote desktop profile. Enter a friendly name if desired optional Click Save and Save again. Click the Cog in the top right of the screen then Preferences. Click Gateways.

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Enter a name for the gateway in the Friendly Name field. Concerned about who can see your files?

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If you require further information on this, please contact the ICT Service Desk If you are using OneDrive for Business to store sensitive data, you will need to encrypt the information as per the college policy. For more information on encryption options, please see our page on encrypting sensitive information.

Origin/argon/ ( in Level 3 data closet

To set up OneDrive for Business on your machine, follow these steps: Data security Data is backed up, so you can restore previous versions of files. When a file is deleted it enters a recycle bin, so you can restore it if you wish. Encrypting data makes the information unreadable, it can only be read using a secret key to unlock it the process of decryption. Data encryption can be applied to both stored data on computer drives or removable media and data shared via networks.

Home directory (H: drive)

Data stored in OneDrive for Business is encrypted both in storage and while being shared or sent, but this does not prevent access in the event that a device is compromised. So, it's important that you encrypt any sensitive information before storing or sharing.

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Find out how: Encrypt sensitive information. This cloud-based service is not like other external consumer cloud service providers Dropbox, OneDrive etc. Most consumer, web-based cloud storage providers do not encrypt protect data adequately. You can connect to your H: Data stored on H: Your H: Connect to map an H: Use the instructions below for access on a Mac or personal Windows computer while inside College.

File storage

To find out about H: You may want to rename any older documents or items so that you do not overwrite items that have the same name. Recoveries can also be carried out by us for files older than 7 days and younger than 90 days.

If you cannot see the previous version you need, or the file or folder is not present, contact the ICT Service Desk with:. Access your H: Windows Click Computer on the Start Menu. Click Map Network drive.