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  1. How To: Connect To A Network Shared Folder With Mac OS X
  2. Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily
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  4. Mapping Drives to RDS (Shared Folders) on Mac OS X

How To: Connect To A Network Shared Folder With Mac OS X

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Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily

For example, if you are mounting your division's shared volume G: Type the user name and password you use to log in to the Cincinnati Children's network, and click OK:. You should be connected to the location you typed in step 3, and a volume icon should appear on your desktop:.

How to connect Mac with Windows network - Demo windows 10

To create an alias of the volume so that you can easily reconnect without repeating steps above, select the volume icon, go to the Finder menu bar and click File , then Make Alias:. If you wish, rename the alias by clicking anywhere on the icon, then clicking the text beneath the icon.

A textbox should appear, enabling you to modify the alias name:. For users looking to map drives on Windows, please see Mapping Drives Shared Folders on Windows Getting Access to a Drive After being granted access to a drive, you must restart your computer before mapping a drive to it.

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If you are denied access to a drive, please restart your computer and try mapping it again. Note that even if you have a Windows account with a password, if you turn off password protected sharing, then people can still connect without typing any credentials. If Shared is not in the sidebar, you have to add it. With Finder open, click on Finder and then Preferences at the top. Click on Sidebar and check all the items under Shared. Now go back to Finder and wait till your computer shows up. Note that it can take a little while until the Windows 10 PC shows up. To do that, open Finder and click on Go and then Connect to Server.

You have to make sure the firewall is configured properly.

Once it shows up in the sidebar, go ahead and click on it. When you click on it, it will try to connect and you may get a message saying Connection Failed or Not Connected.

Mapping Drives to RDS (Shared Folders) on Mac OS X

You can do that by clicking the Connect As button at the top right. Go ahead and type in your credentials and then click OK. Now you should see the Windows 10 shared folders in Finder on your Mac.