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Brush up on your brushes

Great for eyeshadows, but I like to use this with under eye concealer, as it blends the make-up in flawlessly. Above are pictures of the MAC and Crownbrush C , other than the shape of the ferrule and the cut of the brush hair, there is very little difference between the two.

The main difference really lies in the make-up brush handles, Crownbrush UK have a matte black finish and feel lighter in weight, whereas M. C have a black, glitter effect throughout the handle. In most cases the M. C brush handles are slightly longer than the Crownbrush ones too. The only way I ever spot the difference in a hurry, is when they are clean — the white hair on the Crownbrush one is more prominent in comparison to the M. C Pro Blending Fluff , this one is quite popular already with bloggers and make-up artists and is well known as the dupe.

I have so many s in my belt, as I could not be without one of these, however, now I have a few C in the mix too, I doubt I would ever repurchase a These two brushes are great for blusher and contouring, from left to right…. C Pro Dome Blender , is great for applying blush to the apple of the cheek, the full domed head makes blending a dream. C Angle Contour Blush , super, super soft and applies powder blush to the hollow of the cheek perfectly, the shape just tucks underneath the cheekbone.

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C Precision Pencil , idea for smudging out eye liner when creating a smokey eye, or applying a highlighter to the inner corner. C Chisel shader , idea for smudging out eye liner when creating a smokey eye. C Jumbo Shadow , eyeshadow application is easy using this, can be used to blend along the lower lash line also. There is one more that I have completely forgotten to take a photograph of, and that is the M. C , this is probably my most used blending brush. Go check it out on the website for photographs.

I hope you found this post useful guys.


I know I certainly would have done as an aspiring make-up artist. A fluffy brush to me, is one that is really soft, a little larger than the Mac and is perfect for blending out colour on the eye. Do you need this one if you have a Mac brush? I would say yes. They do different things. I use and love the Blank Canvas E26 brush. It is really soft and perfect for creating really soft edges to your eyeshadow. I often use this brush to apply my transition colour.

The Blank Canvas E10 brush is actually one of my favourite brushes. This is a small socket blending brush.

Top 5 eyeshadow brushes - The Beautiful Truth

I love this brush as it finds the socket perfectly. This brush is a must have for me, to the point I have 3 of them. You can never have enough makeup brushes!! My collection has gotten out of control lately, but trust me I use every single brush. To celebrate The Beautiful Truth turning 1. The lovely people over at at Pink Avenue Brushes have give us 2 of the Essentials sets to give away!!!

Woman often complained that brushes were too expensive and the cheaper brushes were rubbish! Rachel spent 3 years researching brushes that would suit every…. I take my brushes very seriously and like to keep them in good condition so they will last. I hate using dirty brushes when doing my makeup. It can ruin a look. So I like to clean my brushes at least every 10 days, if not every week. When I saw the Sigma spa cleaning glove I thought to myself I have to have that. At the end…. Last month saw the launch of four new brushes into the Nima Brush Artistic Collection.

Long time readers of of the blog will know that I am already a huge fan of both Nima Brush and the Artist collection, so to have four new brushes added to the collection is music to my ears. Over the past few weeks I have added the new brushes into my every day routine and I am finally ready to give you the low down on how the performed for me. The Harley You all know my love of a multi tasking product and The Harley brush is a real work horse of a….

Top 5 eyeshadow brushes

It was only this time last year that I decided it was about time I invested in decent brushes. Since starting my brush collection things have gotten a little out of control. I have a serious amount of brushes, but the thing is I use them all or so I keep telling myself each time I buy a new brush. The concealer brush. I have picked a variety of brushes, from high end to affordable.


The latest collection to launch into the Nima brush range, is the absolutely beautiful Artistic collection. This collection comprises of 20 individual brushes, 4 new travel bags and 2 Nima soft tubes. This range of brushes was designed with the professional makeup artist in mind and there is literally a brush to suit every makeup eventuality. The brushes come with a duck egg blue handle and a rose gold ferrule and they just look absolutely gorgeous on my makeup table.

Niamh Martin, the creator of Nima Brush, gave each brush a name of the most inspirational and supportive woman in…. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Eye shader brush

Notify me of new posts by email. Top 5 eyeshadow brushes. Eye shader brush This brush is used for packing on shadows and pigments onto the lid.

Top Five Eye Shadow Blending Brushes - Holly Kitney

Pencil Brush A pencil brush is used for precision shading on your lid, or in your crease. Fluffy Brush A fluffy brush to me, is one that is really soft, a little larger than the Mac and is perfect for blending out colour on the eye. We also recommend.