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  1. If you get a message that PowerPC applications are no longer supported on your Mac
  2. Can't Open Application (PowerPC no longer supported)
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The message from the title pops up if you try to open it. Also, I don't get the option to choose a Spotify version from the website. It just starts downloading automatically.

When Apps Don't Open in OS X Yosemite

Have you googled your issue? I found two threads from the Spotify community pages where people had solved this problem. Fixed it!


If you get a message that PowerPC applications are no longer supported on your Mac

I had this issue too, people said to download the Spotify. Nevertheless, I did manage to get my Spotify working again, it's not an ideal fix but for some reason I got it to work by renaming the application on Finder. I think I just put it as "Spotify C" but anything will do. I'm not entirely sure why it worked but maybe you could try it.

Can't Open Application (PowerPC no longer supported)

This happens randomly but very rarely to me. Spotlight index also gets corrupted so opening apps with it no longer works. Why have you not updated to the latest El Capitan version These small newer versions have a lot of bug fixes, they could fix your app. If spotify doesn't work even after updating, try uninstalling it just drag the app to the trash then try downloading it from spotify. Open the document called MyFileTypes. Commenter lwdesign1 recommends another way to check for PowerPC applications: Other Alternatives. If it does then you would be able to use virtualization on OS X Lion to run Snow Leopard in order to get some more mileage out of your apps that require Rosetta.

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Rosetta Time To Let Go. Now it might be your turn to do the same. Do you have any PowerPC applications that you cannot live without? Tell us about them by leaving a comment. Triqtraq turns your iPhone into an amazing groovebox [Review].

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I've never had problems until now. The weird part is that it's only happened on a handful of Macs AND if I delete the app from their Mac and then copy the working app from my Mac to theirs via ARD, the app I copied also gives the same error!

PowerPC applications are no longer suppor… - Apple Community

The only way I've been able to get this version of Eclipse installed on the affected Macs is to download the. At that point it works. So far, no other apps or Self Service packages appear to be affected.

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As soon as I did a chmod to that file, it worked again.