Dual boot mac and windows vista


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You're done! To make that choice, hold down the Option key when you restart your Mac, and choose your boot partition.

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The other advantage of booting into Windows natively with Boot Camp is access to internal devices that Parallels doesn't support. For example, I can sync my Nokia phone via Bluetooth using native Windows, but not virtualized Windows. To load your Boot Camp partition as a virtual machine , simply launch Parallels, and your new install will be listed.

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When you run your Boot Camp as a virtual machine for the first time, Parallels will need some time to initialize Parallels Tools. The only bad news about Parallels is its price tag: Let us know in the comments.

Multiple Operating Systems

Gina Trapani , the editor of Lifehacker, has finally found her Windows-on-Mac ideal. Her weekly feature, Geek to Live , appears every Wednesday on Lifehacker. Subscribe to the Geek to Live feed to get new installments in your newsreader. The A.

How to Dual boot Vista & Mac OSX « Operating Systems :: WonderHowTo

Filed to: Geek to Live Filed to: Share This Story. Jezebel The Slot. Click Continue on the Introduction screen. Next, you will need to specify how you want your hard drive divided up for Windows.

Install Windows Vista on your Mac with Boot Camp

A separate partition will be created that Windows will use. Drag the divider to adjust the size for Windows as shown below.

I recommend at least 15 GB to allow for the OS and some apps. When you are ready, click Partition and your disk will be prepared.

Virtual Environments

It is time to start the Windows installation. Your Mac will automatically reboot and boot to the install DVD.

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Install Windows Vista as you would normally do. You will need for format this partition with NTFS.