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My question is, do you think it would be better to fit the new card in the 2x slots I have free, and change the PSU, or will the cards be too close together and potentially overheat? We do not recommend running two GPUs internally. Running too much power through the logicboard and having that heat inside your system is not a good idea. Using an external GPU chassis is a better choice and dependent on your OS you can run up to three cards if you have the space in your chassis.

Thanks for the informative post. Will this apply to earlier models as well?

I have a Mac Pro 1. Thx in advance.

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We have not tested the cards in the 1,1 and 2,1 systems. Considering you are using a version of OSX which has been slightly modified to run on the system anyway it is unlikely but the only way you will find out is giving it a go. But I updated to By the way thanks for the guide and thanks in advance for the help! Then today I installed a software update and these Nvidia drivers are no longer compatible with my computer. I cannot reinstall the drivers either. Buyer beware, this is not a stable solution for better graphics performance!

I hope at some point soon a new software update from Nvidia or Apple will make using my card possible again. You simply need to reinstall the Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia website. If you could provide your exact OS version number I can send you a link. Any help? I tried several times. George, Am I missing something? Did you read my post? I am running So My question still stands, how to get the installer to install. I even downloaded multiple installers hoping one of them would install, and then I could update.

Thanks Daren. System Version: OS X Darwin Normal Thanks Daren. Try this verison of the driver. George, That seems to have worked! Thanks for your help and quick response. So is there any controls to change this cards performance? Thanks again. Or can we run the driver update before updating the OSX? Hi, thank you for this guide! Omega running. I tried the Quadro web drivers as well as the exact drivers for my system build but none of them work.

Right now my configuration is: Omega powered via PCI and 2x 6-pin to 8-pin- power cables from the mainboard. For safe measure remove the gt plug your display into the If your system boots everything is setup correctly you should find that about this mac will show your I would also not recommend running that card due to power draw. The graphics card when under full load will but pulling over w. Doing so for prolonged time can cause damage to your logic board and cause it to burn out or short.

You may in the short term experience crashes when pushed over the maximum load as the card will by attempting to pull more power than is available. Hi George, thanks for your response! The fans are running and I hear the hard drives working but the screen stays black. According to the data sheet it should only pull up to W: Do you have any suggestions for another card for my Mac Pro ?

Like most everyone else here this article gave me the confidence to get a higher powered card. I downloaded and installed the latest web drivers and coda drivers that were available as of yesterday. Weird thing is, when I fully connect all the ports of the card to the PSU — black screen. I take all of this to mean that perhaps the PSU is faulty and not supplying any power? Does that seem right? Any Insight would be greatly appreciated!

However, it works none the less!


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The external PSU unit you have purchased could you provide the model? Is it designed for external use and has a switch on the unit itself or not? Right now I only have a single 6pin cable, so only of them is connected. Is it because of the missing 6pin cable? Or is it because I need to install drivers? Hello George, thank you for the great tip. Would a with 8Gb Founders edition work?

The specs say that it only draws w of power… Regards JM. Do not buy any of the new Nvidia cards! They are not currently support in the system. It says that I have to be on Which i currently am on You need to look at your specific version number.

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Head over to our driver page here: I recently fried my system — not sure exactly how, but I am looking to put my ti SC back in my machine. A Did I fry my machine previously by drawing too much power? Most likely yes, the SC version of the Ti does draw too much power.

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Had you experienced crashes before? Left the original card in slot 3 is that a problem? Installed the web driver and the CUDA driver and everything was ok. Any thoughts? Running El Capitan. I have heard that a pc card will only use pcie 1. Is this true? Do i have to flash the card to get 2. Will just installing the drivers do that? All this is new to me any advise is welcome. Do i need to flash to get 2. Or does flashing just give boot screen? George, Forgot to mention, El Captian Only that the card is using the 2. I dont switch boot drives often.

Plus ill keep the old hd card around for a backup. The speed difference between PCI-e 1. Hey Guys! Finally joined this amazing place after a few months of learning. Nice to meet everyone. SOOO frustrating. Running El Cap Any help or thread references appreciated — been scouring without anything concrete to attempt.

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Do you have any advice? I am currently updating from Yosemite to Sierra and re-installing the drivers. Will this card work with my mac or will it draw too much power from the logic board? But i lost the ability to select the boot manager, so pretty hard to dual boot to windows and come back to mac OS. So do i need another boot manager like Clover, or rEFInd? Or simply buy an old GT card and just switch cable when i need to access the boot up menu?

You need to get your hands on a GT and switch the cable over, We supply a GT alongside all of our cards for that reason. Is their away to dual boot my Mac 4. With a display plugged into the GT you can alt boot into another drive. Alternatively you can boot into your OS then select the other drive as your boot drive and restart. I tried the gpu in another windows pc and works fine. The Pascal cards require Frequently Asked Questions.

I have a Mac 3. BUT this is the problem: Ran fine for about 6 weeks with this new card then suddenly started getting kernel panics where it just BSOD and restarts: No programs open except for browser pages with heavy graphic use news sites like CNN or LAtimes, etc. But now it does not want to boot anymore. It hangs during startup and I have isolated the problem to the card. Putting back in the original ATI Radeon card immediately solves the problem. Is there a way to somehow activate the webdriver during boot? I know I can switch to the Mac driver during boot but not vice versa?

It has a flashed ti in slot 1, and this has worked great. If everything is powered up correctly and functioning as should then my only assumption would be that there is an issue with the card. I am currently using a Radeon pro The is in my PC. Any help on getting it working in Mac. I have latest Nvidia drivers installed and am on High Sierra BUT this problem has been occurring: After initial boot in the morning sometimes no chime , the Mac re-boots itself up to 3 times before getting into the OS.

It seems that the system forgets its settings and needs to re-boot. Checked the sys, drivers etc. The power consumption is normal during every day work. Also did some stress tests on GTX — all check out fine. Should I try an different driver? Your input would be welcome! Do I need an adapter? What kind of card can I used into this mac? Shut down your Mac.

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Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Turn on your Mac. Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys immediately after you hear the startup sound. Hold these keys until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for a second time. Release the keys. Thank you so much for posting all this info. I have a mid macpro running I installed the drivers and set nvidia as the default graphics card driver and ran the updates.

I installed the card with one 6 pin-6pin power cable and one 6-pin — 8pin power cable. The card lights up and the computer turns on but the screen stays black as expected but never boots up. Is there anything else I can try? Use the 8pin-SATA power cable instead of 6pin — 8pin cable? I tried slots 1 and 3 on the logic board, maybe slot 2? It seems like the card works just computer is not seeing it. First tests show Premiere running sluggish. Do you know of any software settings I should be using. Your email address will not be published. Join Login. Hi people, how are you? My name is Marcos and I work with music mixing and mastering and these days I have a very good gift, the GT for the 1st generation Mac Pro.

I use a Mac Pro 1. Well, I tried the latest drive and it was refused to be installed, so I tried one driver from the version 4 and it works properly. So I thought: Well, I upgrade for the version 5. Well, it installed ok without any problem. Now I'm afraid, because I installed it, it installed without any problems and my computer is running for more than 30 minutes without any issues.

It's normal a CUDA driver installs, even with an unsupported graphics card or it avoids to install? If it installs, but the GT isn't compatible, it can crash the card physically or it's impossible? If something had to happens it would happened before, I wasn't able to use this computer for more than 5 minutes, right?

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I have to be worried or you guarantee for me that it won't crash physically because I installed CUDA, even it not supporting it? Or this graphics card, even being for the 1st generation of Mac Pro 1. Please people, help me! When CUDA first shipped, it supported bit and bit operating system platforms equally. I have no idea what it is you are asking, so I have no comment.

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